A Better Process

Planning and Design

The initial meeting between Greenmark and the prospective client begins with a detailed review and assessment of the client's "wish list" and any questions that the client may have regarding home construction or building sites. Among other topics, discussions at this time may also include current market trends as well as cost/benefit relationships of typical amenities.

Preliminary pricing is subsequently prepared for the client based on the details discussed at the initial meeting. Once the client decides to move forward with the planning process, parameters for the home design are finalized based on a tailored fit between the wish list and pricing details.

The next step in the planning process is to meet with Greenmark's architect to translate the design parameters into preliminary and final building plans. The process begins with an initial consultation involving the client, builder and architect that focuses on the client's wish list and design parameters in an open discussion which includes design and structural input from the builder and architect. The architect prepares a preliminary plan based on this meeting -- for review by the client and pricing by Greenmark. Based on buyer input and further consultation, a final home plan is prepared by the architect.

Once the home plans are complete, a construction contract is formulated which translates the plans and specifications into reality. The end result of the planning and design process is a building contract and home construction plans that meet the dreams of buyers as well as the realities of the client's budget and the real estate market.

 Construction Begins

At the beginning of construction, an initial meeting with Greenmark staff provides the client with further details regarding Greenmark's building process. During this stage, the preliminary building schedule is reviewed with the client along with the contact information regarding Greenmark's suppliers and contractors. Subsequent steps involving Greenmark's decorator and kitchen designer are also discussed. Four meetings will be arranged for the client to view the house after each main stage is completed.

A meeting between Greenmark's kitchen designer and the perspective client is scheduled once construction begins. The client's input will provide input to be utilized in planning the kitchen and cabinetry details for the new home. The designer works with the client to develop plans that fit both their taste and their budget parameters. Ultimately, detailed cabinetry plans are provided which are then integrated with the on-going field construction of the home.

When building a new house, there are so many dreams of how it should look and feel.  Greenmark Builders is glad to provide the service of an interior decorator to help you in this endeavour.  Through a series of consultations the decorator will help coordinate selections including flooring, cabinetry (working closely with the kitchen designer), tile, paint colors and exterior elements of the home. The consultations with the interior designer will result in completed "selection sheets" for the home. Any deviations from specifications or allowances are priced out during this time, and are confirmed with the client along with any necessary change orders.

Milestones During Construction

The first viewing happens after the foundation has been poured and the site has been backfilled.  

An electrical walk-through with Greenmark's electrician, Greenmark staff, and client takes place on site after framing is complete.  At this stage you will be able to see the entire fram of the house up with the roof shingled and the doors and windows in.

The next scheduled viewing happens when the drywall is installed and the exterior is being installed.  This is where the clients are able to see what the house actually will look like.  

As the home nears completion, a pre-closing inspection is scheduled between Greenmark's staff and the client within one week of closing. A list of deficiencies and incomplete work is shown to the clients and signed at the completion of the walk-through. Work during the final week prior to closing focuses on completing items on this list as well as "fine tuning" the home prior to possession.

Upon completion, a closing is scheduled with the client and attorneys to transfer ownership of the new home. At this time, a new home portfolio is provided for the home including a homeowner service manual, a complete directory of maintenance instructions, warranty forms, and instruction manuals for various home amenities.

After Closing Service

The Greenmark Homeowner's Manual details warranty procedures and maintenance tips for the new homeowner. Service work is performed on a scheduled basis two times during the first year warranty period (30 days and 1 year).   At these times a formal list is prepared with Greenmark's field technician, and contractors are subsequently scheduled to make any repairs or adjustments needed to the home. In addition, emergency repairs are handled as necessary throughout the year. Extended warranty coverage is provided to the homeowner for 6 years, with a comprehensive TARION Limited Warranty.