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About Us.

About us.


Greenmark builders is celebrating it's 10th year as one of Ottawa's most luxurious custom home builders. 


At Greenmark we understand that every family has different needs.  Our design-build process allows you to design a custom home that fits you family's needs, desires and budget.


How does our Design Build Process Work?

We sit down with you to find out what your main wants and needs are and go from there.  Our Architect will take all this information and put together your first draft of your plans.  After the first draft comes out Greenmark offers a preliminary price so you are able to know exactily where you are at.  Many times after the preliminary price comes you are able to choose to either add to the finishes or increase the size of your home depending on the budgets you have set for yourself.  We offer two more revisions to the plans after the first draft.  Every time a revision is made we offer pricing at the end.

Designing a custom home to some is a very scary thing as people have no idea where there pricing is at, that's why we work hard to make sure we are designing the home you want at a price that works in your budget.

All our plans come engineered and ready for permit.

We look forward to working with you to make your dream a reality!

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